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Whether the crime charged is Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs, Chemicals or Marijuana, Christopher D. Ramsay has defended many persons charged with DUI in both the criminal courts        and before the Washington Department of Licensing. 

The State of Washington has placed DUI prosecution and conviction on a high priority status.                        The penalties for DUI conviction in Washington reflect how serious this crime is taken. 

As a citizen, you have important rights that must be protected in the balance.

Do not assume that because you have been charged with a DUI that the prosecutor will                                           drop the charge if it is your first offense and that you have an otherwise clean record.  

Although every DUI case is different, and past performance is no guarantee or promise of result                       in in any other case, Mr. Ramsay has obtained a complete dismissal or significant reduction of all criminal charges in various DUI cases, including:

  •  DUI with an accident and .225 BAC dismissed based on illegal police entry into defendant's home  prior to arrest
  • DUI when the BAC is under the legal limit of 0.08   
  • DUI  with a 0.11 BAC dismissed based on illegal investigatory stop of the defendant's vehicle
  • DUI  dismissed when the prosecution failed to provide evidence to the defense in a timely matter
  • DUI with a .172 BAC and multi-vehicle collision Second reduced to negligent driving                                 in the first degree 
  • Second offense DUI with a .165 BAC reduced to negligent driving in the first degree
  • DUI prescription drugs with collision reduced to negligent driving ion the first degree 
  • DUI prescription drugs with 2 prior DUI convictions reduced to negligent driving                                       in the first degree.


If you have been charged with a DUI, you face the criminal justice system and the                                Washington Department of Licensing. Don't do it alone.


If you have been charged with a DUI and would like a no cost confidential consultation, call Christopher D. Ramsay   


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