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Often times, persons accused of sex crime allegations are overcome with the need to tell their side of the story to the authorities before consulting with an attorney who has  experience in defending these extremely serious matters. 

IIf you have been accused of a sex crime or any other inappropriate contact I urge you to call me immediately.

I have represented many clients, including  men, women and juveniles who have been accused of these types of crimes. I have represented persons with a variety of backgrounds including teachers, step-parents, grand-parents, students and business owners.

 I understand that these cases are among the most difficult and sensitive to handle. 

Although I can never guarantee a particular  result in any criminal case, I have successfully tried a number of felony sex crime cases that  ended in in either a complete acquittal or a dismissal of the charges. 

I have successfully defended persons charged with rape, child molestation, date rape, sexual misconduct with a minor, communicating with a minor, luring, public indecency.

When representing a person charged with a sex crime, I always team up with a highly experienced private iinvestigator. This has proven to be an invaluable resource in defending such cases. 

II have access to various expert witnesses who may also be helpful in the defense of these kinds of allegations. 

If you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime allegation, please call me and I will be happy to discuss your situation with you. 


  • Jury Trial -Two Counts Sexual Misconduct with a Minor - Not Guilty of All Counts 
  • Jury Trial - Statutory Rape 4 Counts - Not Guilty all Counts
  • Jury Trial - Child Sexual Molestation 3rd Degree - Dismissal after Hung Jury 10-1 In Favor of Acquittal
  • Dismissal -  4 Counts Child Sexual Abuse 
  • Reduction to Non-Sex Crime Misdemeanor - Statutory Rape
  • No Charges Filed - Former Police Officer Accused of Communicating with a Minor
  • Dismissal - 2 Counts Child Molestation 
  • Reduction - Rape in the Second Degree to non-sex crime of Assault in the Third degree. 
  • Jury Trial - Rape of Child First Degree - Not Guilty

    I represent persons charged with many types of sex crime charges:

    Rape, Child molestation, Indecent exposure, Soliciting Prostitution

    Sexual misconduct with a minor, Commincation with a minor,

    Assault with sexual motivation.  


Please be aware that past performance is no guarantee of any particular result in any other case.

Please call 360-694-1097. Weekends or Evenings please call 360-521-3344  



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